Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jonah the fish-prophet

Q: Where (in the Bible) is Second Isaiah found? List two reasons why scholars believe this material was not written by Isaiah of Jerusalem.
A: Towards the end of the Old Testament.
A: Second Isaiah is farther back in the Bible then Isaiah of Jerusalem.

Q: Name two ways in which the story of Jonah is an exaggeration of the typical prophetic story.
A: Jonah has a real concern for the Jews.
A: Jonah is not represented as a human being, but as a big fish.
A. Typical prophetic stories are bad this one involves acts of being cowardly.

Q: What was achieved in the Maccabeean Revolt?

A: They achieved there status (Jews) and were able to keep their religion.
A: Jews were no long persecuted.

Q: Who are Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar? Why are they condemned by God and in what story?
A: This guys are the friends of Job, and they are a influence on Job when satin is testing him.

Q: Who is Elisha? What two tasks does he have to perform?

A: The leader to stop fake worship of any one except for God himself.

Q: Who is Antiochus IV and how was he a unique threat to the Jewish people?

A: Antiochus IV was a Greek rule who forced the Jewish to worship a golden statue of the Greek gods, especially Zeus, and if they did not, then he would put them in a furnace. He was a threat to the Jews because he oppressed them from worshipping the Jewish Faith.

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  1. Yes. Clearly Job preferred silk to satin. That was a test for his sensitive skin.